Studying In Canada with the Guidance of Student Visa Lawyer

Every year thousands of students immigrate to Canada for higher educational programs. If you want to join the race and also aspire to study in Canada, you will need to have a study permit with you. Well, the permit is basically issued by the Canadian government and it provides permission to students to study in Canada for a short time span. Often the time span is specified in the permit. As the process of getting study permit is a long one, students can take the help of a student visa lawyer who can assist the students throughout the process of obtaining the visa and study permit.

Student Visa Lawyer

Guidance Provided By Immigration Lawyer on Various Fields

If any close family members have migrated to a foreign country then they might have told you that navigating through the immigration process is very tough. Taking the help of an immigration lawyer can help students with the immigration process.

Help with Paperwork

Immigration or visa application involves vast paperwork along with attaching lots of important documents. If not done carefully and tactfully, the application might get rejected and you will need to resubmit the application.

Inform Students about Changed Immigration Laws

In fact, a student visa lawyer can give guidance to students who want to come to Canada for their higher education. For example, it can provide guidance on the changed guidelines for obtaining a study permit applications. It can update the students on the changed immigration laws. This would help in making the immigration process smooth. In fact, the lawyer can assist the students in filling visa application or study permit forms. They would ensure no mistakes are made and right documents are attached.

Work Conditions

Apart from that, it can also guide students on the conditions under which they can work with a study permit. The lawyer will clearly explain the circumstances under which a student can work while on a study permit. They are:

  • The employment should be on-campus. It should not exceed 9 hours in a week after their classes.
  • Work needs to be certified as a part of program study.
  • The work should consist of a post-doctoral fellowship.

Renewal of Permits

Well, a student visa lawyer can educate students on the fact that study permits need to be renewed from time to time. Renewing the permit would allow the student to stay in the country, beyond the time frame. This is helpful especially when the education program goes for a longer period.

Explain the Options

Student visa lawyer can easily explain the options available in front of the students. This, in turn, can help students to understand the circumstances. A student can appeal against deportation. In fact, students can also gain permanent residency especially through programs like post-graduation work permit (PGWP).

Navigate the Process

It can be said that a student visa lawyer can help students to successfully enter Canada on a study permit. They will ensure that you are proved eligible for the study permit in front of the immigration officials.