Calgary Immigrant Aid Society is dedicated to assuring immigrants the opportunity to participate fully both as contributors to and beneficiaries of the Canadian Society. Established in 1977 as the Calgary Immigrant Aid Society, over the past 30 years we have helped over 250,000 immigrants settle in their new life and new home in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
As one of Calgary’s most comprehensive immigrant services agencies, our focus is on the individual and on families first, with caring, providing a sense of community and connection.


The Calgary Immigrant Aid looks to extend its support from Calgary to Toronto. Toronto being a major hub for immigrants, demands the support for immigration services. To know more about our immigration services in the Toronto and GTA region, you can contact our affiliated law firms.

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What are our Aims:

In Partnership with the three levels of government, the volunteer sector and the community, CIAS strives to provide immigrants with:

  • The skills to participate in the community
  • Knowledge about community services and resources
  • Opportunities that promote civic participation and pride
  • Support and recogonition from the community
  • Initiatives that increase the community’s capacity to be inclusive


What are our Core business:

The Calgary Immigrant Aid Society is a comprehensive settlement agency that supports the settlement and integration of immigrants and refugees in the Calgary community. The Society works in partnership with other service providers in the areas of diversity and inclusion.

Service Areas:

  • The resettlement of new immigrant families
  • The integration of immigrants into the Calgary community
  • The provision of linkage services between immigrants and community resources
  • English language proficiency assessment and education/career information and referral services for immigrants and refugees
  • First language support in settlement issues
  • Translation/interpretation
  • Family Programs and Youth Employment
  • Volunteer opportunities


To understand more about the Canadian Law, you can also watch this short informative video below and contact one of our affiliated law firms! In order to get in touch with Ronen Kurzfeld, the details are below!


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